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How to list your camp, summer activity or educational program
To list your summer camp program please send an email to

Please list :

Title of your summer program, 
Location of your program
Ages of the children that you serve
Dates of your program, 
Time of day for your program ( eg 9am -12noon)
Cost of your program, does it include 1 or 2 weeks?
Contact phone number, 
Contact email

There is no charge for non-profit organizations, community service organizations, 
and educational organizations that do not charge a fee for their programs.
There is a $40. fee for listing your program if you are a for-profit business or a self employed business, e.g. if you charge for your service and do not have non-profit status. Thank you for supporting this project.

We reserve the right to refuse to post information for organizations that are not offering quality programs for children.