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Summer 2019
Soccer Camp at Clear Lake High School behind Gym 9AM-12PM Mon-Thurs ages:4-14  June 13-16 and Aug 1-4 cost: $60 (includes T-shirt) discounts available or leave a message for Shannon Aloia  (707) 262-3005(707) 262-3005(707) 262-3005(707) 26
Summer School in Lakeport   June 6 through July 1  for grades K through 8. Summer School fills quickly. 
Contact the elementary school or leave a message at 262-3005
Lakeport Schools 
start Wed. Aug. 14
(707) 262-3000
Kelseyville Schools
Start Tues, Sept. 3
(707) 279-1511
Konocti Schools
Starts  Mon. Aug 19
(707)  994-6475
Vacation Bible School, United Christian Parish, July,  9AM to 12noon,  ages 5-12   
No cost if registered by July 1,  call the church at  (707) 263-4788  
Office hours:9-1 on Tues Wed or Thurs. 
For information about this calendar please email, 
You must contact the individual camp if you wish to register for their program.
This calendar is only for providing the information available to the best of our knowledge. 
Middle School Youth Boating,  sponsored by Clear Lake Skullers, 
at the boat yard at 7th and Main St. in Lakeport   
10:30am to noon   Ages:11 to 13  Cost $40, financial aid available, 
call  Mike Sullivan 707-349-9779    email:
High School Rowing Camp, sponsored by Clear Lake Scullers,
at the boat yard at 7th and Main St. in Lakeport,
 8:30am to 10:00am ages 13-18   Cost $40, financial aid available  
Call  Mike Sullivan  707-349-9779      email
Soccer Camp Konocti Youth Soccer at West Side Communnity fields  June to July  
ages 7-10: 9am-11 am  cost $110       ages 11-14:12 noon  to 2:00 pm. cost $110      Mini Soccer ages 4-6 8am -9am.  cost $87
All camps include T shirt and soccer ball.  Early registrants get a jersey!
For more info call Mike Sheets (707) 349-2574          to register on the website click here 
Sorry, no Football Camp (non-contact) grades 4-8, July 24-26: 9am to 12 noon Upper Lake High School, cost $50 (includes T shirt and water bottle) Call Alex Stabiner (707) 533-9678 or email:
Lakeport City Pool is closed  this year.
call (707)263-3578  for more information
Sunday                  Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                Thursday               Friday               Saturday

Sorry no Theater Camp Middletown a two week program, for kids ages 6-10, 9 am to 12 noon Monday thru Friday, cost $200 for two weeks call Jessica (415) 328-6363 or email  cost includes snack and performance tickets
Basketball Camp at Clear Lake High School Gym 5:00PM to 8 PM Mon-Thurs ages:4-14   cost: $60 (includes T-shirt) discounts available call: Milo at (707) 262-3010 email:
Sorry no camp this year at All About Horses Summer Camp. Hidden Valley Lake Stables. Group riding, games on horseback, grooming, riding drills, horse painting.    Mon–Fri. 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. $225 wk. call  987–4075.
Sorry, no Jazzercamp! in 2015  Middletown. Lake County Jazzercise, 15642 Armstrong St.  
dance, games, crafts, and fun with movement.   (707) 260-2900(707) 260-2900.
Vacation Bible School  often in July no date set yet ages 6-12, 9am to 12 noon, 
St. Mary's Catholic Church, (707) 263-4401

15210 Lakeshore Drive in Clearlake
Gift Certificates are available and we are able to accommodate group classes
Please call (707) 995-2342(707) 995-2342 For more information


Hand Building Clay, for children of all ages.  A 2 part class cost for both sessions $25.   All materials included for each 2 hour class.  Rene La Rose can be reached at (707) 205-6838(707) 205-6838 She will hold classes when she has 4 or more students.

Leaf Printing Classes All materials included 2 hour classes $15 children over 9 --these will be 2 Fridays a month  
Sandy Stillwell can be reached at 315-4611.

The classes below are all taught by Sherry Harris for children ages 12 years and older and adults. She would prefer that each child would have a parent with them. They are 3 hour classes/all materials included and they need to contact her to schedule the time (as she will teach whenever she has 3 or more students) they will be ongoing and prices will vary, to schedule or for more info call (707) 350-2116(707) 350-2116
Beginning Basket Class 1 - Plait and twin weave a basket using Dracaena leaves and decorate the basket with shells, seed pods or other natural materials.
Beginning Gourd Class 1 – Learn to clean the outside of a gourd, cut it open, scrape to clean the inside and then learn how to wood burn designs on the inside and outside of a gourd bowl.
Beginning Gourd Class 2 - Learn to clean a gourd on the outside and paint designs on it with wax, then dye it and then learn how to cut it open to make it a lidded container or a hanging wall vessel.
Beginning Gourd Class 3 - Learn to clean a gourd on the outside, then cut it open, scrape and clean the inside then learn how to stitch rows of pine needles around the top edge of the gourd.
Nature Jewelry Class 1 - Learn the knotless netting technique to make a pouch for a wearable stone pendant using wax linen thread.
Nature Jewelry Class 2 – Learn to make three pairs of attractive earrings using nature found materials.

Main St. Art Gallery in Lakeport,  Youth Art Classes, Registration opens March 23., 2016  
Check with the Gallery to see what is being offered by clicking on the link to their website.

Leaf Painting with Sandy Stillwell
June 13   9:00 – Noon   Ages 9 – Adult   $13
Learn to make beautiful prints using yard leaves and watercolor paints. Students will turn ordinary leaves into beautiful art. Each student will make several pieces of art and a greeting card in time for Father’s Day.

Under the Sea Collage with Lisa Nowak
June 16   1:00 – 3:30   Ages 7 – Adult   $14
Learn easy drawing and painting techniques while creating colorful sea creatures in their ocean home using a variety of mixed media: watercolor, markers, foil, etc.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas with Lisa Nowak
June 17   1:00 – 4:00   Ages 12 – Adult   $20
Lets design and create an exciting and colorful painting of a favorite bird or animal on an 11 x 14” canvas that will be ready to display.

Robot: A found object collage with Stephanie Del Bosco
June 20   9:00 – Noon   Ages 6 – Up   $12
Students will use paper, cardboard, foil and found objects along with some paint and pencils to make a two-dimensional robot that will be affixed on paper.

Dinosaurs with Lisa Nowak
June 21   9:30 – Noon   Ages 7 – Up   $14
Draw and paint favorite pre-historic creatures experiencing a variety of techniques while using watercolors, pastels, markers, pen and ink and colored pencils.

The Painted Gourd Birdhouse with Linda Kelly
June 22   10:00 – 12:30   Ages 6 – Adult   $10
Students will have fun with acrylics painting on a gourd to create a unique birdhouse for their own back yard.

Pomo Tule Dolls with Eugenie Steinman
June 23   10:00 – 1:00 pm   Ages 7 – Adult   $15
Students will make the unique Native Tule Dolls made from natural reed materials. This will be a fun class for youths and adults.

Seed Bead Bracelets with Sandy Stillwell
June 27   9:00 – Noon   Ages 9 – Adult   $13
Students will have fun making at least one seed bead bracelet using memory wire and colorful seed beads.

Drawing Fundamentals (Animal or Pet) with Xuzena De Angelo
June 29   9:00 – Noon   Ages 7 – Adult   $13
Bring a favorite photo/picture (5 x 7” or larger), or select from several provided, to learn how to draw and create a delightful piece of art ready to display.

Magical Fish Pictures with Stephanie Del Bosco
July 6   9:00 – Noon   Ages 6 – Up   $12
Inspired from the Paul Klee Golden Fish painting, students will use mixed media of oil pastels and watercolor on thick paper to make a bright fish on a watercolor dark ocean background.

Painting a Beautiful Gourd Rattle with Linda Kelly
July 7   10:00 – 12:30   Ages 6 – Adult   $10
Students will paint with acrylics on a gourd to create a beautiful rattle to use as a musical instrument and to showcase as a piece of art.

Sharpie Message Rocks with Xuzena De Angelo
July 8   9:00 – Noon   Ages 7 – Up   $13
Students will have fun selecting a special message of their choosing to decorate a rock with permanent, multi-colored markers.

Pastels for Beginners with Richard Seisser
July 11   9:30 – Noon   Ages 6 – Up   $15
Students will learn basic skills using pastels to create an exciting, finished painting they will enjoy taking home and ready to display.

Mixed-Media Artist Journal with Phyllis Thiessen July 13   9:30 -12:30   Ages 8 – Up   $15
Students will construct an artist journal with a decorated cover and text pages using a variety of embellish-ments which can be used
as a sketchbook, writing journal, scrapbook, etc. They will learn how to put together and bind the book and add decorations to
personalize it.

Pine Nut Shell Bead Creations with Eugenie Steinman
July 14   10:00 – 1:00 pm   Ages 7 – Adult   $15
Students will have fun using Native American pump drills to make beads from clam and mussel shells that can be made into necklaces, earrings, bracelets or decorative hanging objects.

Mask Decorating with Xuzena De Angelo
July 20   9:00 – Noon   Ages 5 – Up   $13
Pick from four mask designs to embellish with markers, feathers, jewels, etc., to create a colorful and exciting mask to wear or display anywhere.

Hanging Mobile with Stephanie Del Bosco
July 21   9:00 – Noon   Ages 6 – Up   $12
Inspired from the mobiles of Alexander Calder, students will make hanging mobiles using colorful paper and pipe cleaners.

Polymer Clay – Lets Make a Dog with Naomi Key
July 22   9:30 – 12:30   Ages Open   $10
Experience the fun of working with polymer clay to make, bake and decorate an imaginary or favorite dog. This is an interesting and fun class for all ages.

Pastels for the Intermediate-Advanced Students with Richard Seisser
July 25   9:30 – Noon   Ages 6 – Adult   $15
This class is for those who have learned the fundamental skills of painting with pastels. Students will create an individualistic painting ready to display.

Creating a Dream Board (2016) with Xuzena De Angelo
July 27   9:00 – Noon   Ages 5 – Up   $13
Students will use their imagination and discover their passion using a variety of materials and words and pictures from magazines to create a work of art to identify what they wish to be or do in the future. They will take home an artistic reference board ready to display.

Astronomy Camps at Taylor Observatory in Kelseyville 
call (707) 262-4121(707) 262-4121(707) 262-4121 for info  click on the button to go to their website

High School Astronomy Camp, ages 15-17, 1pm to 4pm July 27-29( Wed, Thurs, Fri ) cost $50. 

Middle School Astronomy Camp, ages 12-14, 1pm to 4pm, July 20-22 ( Wed, Thurs, Fri ) cost $50. 

Junior Astronomy Camp, ages 9-12, 9AM to 12 noon, July 13-15 ( Wed, Thurs, Fri )  cost $50. 
We are hoping to collect information for the summer of 2019 but this website is still in the construction phase. The information here is from past summers. Come back and visit us again in May.